• The Colbert Report's Top 25 AmericErotic PatrioPhilia Clips for Producing JingOrgasms, #5-#1

    As the world celebrates America's birthday, it's the perfect time to immerse oneself in the heroism of a man who's not afraid to shove his patriotism into America's collective orifice like a big piece of birthday cake. And that's why we're bringing you The Colbert Report's Top 25 AmericErotic PatrioPhilia Clips for Producing JingOrgasms. Here now are the top five (and here are the previous lists):

    #5. The Colbert Report: Better Know a Founder – Ben Franklin
    Stephen sits down with one of our nation's foundingest fathers, Ben Franklin.

    #4. The Colbert Report: Captain America's Shield
    The only man who Captain America believed has the red, white and blue balls to carry his shield? Stephen Colbert.

    #3. The Colbert Report: The Roots
    The Roots rock the Star-Spangled Banner.

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    #2. The Colbert Report: Shout Out! – Task Force Centaur
    Stephen and his audience recite the Pledge of Allegiance in front of a flag flown from a Black Hawk helicopter by U.S. troops in Afghanistan during a combat mission called "Beef Hammer."

    #1. Two clips for the price of one — that's the American way! Stephen announces he's running for president…

    …on The Daily Show:

    …and on The Colbert Report:

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