• George W. Bush 4-Evah

    How fucking not fair is it that Jesus Christ gets to be the King of Kings for all eternity, but George W. Bush only gets to be King of America for a lousy eight years? Somebody needs to do something about this travesty of justice!

    Oh, look! The good people at WriteInBush.com already have…

    Yes, we can vote for George W. Bush in 2008. We have the right to write in the name of our chosen candidate, regardless of whether or not he is officially on the ballot. We know that George Bush was God's Candidate in 2000. We know that George Bush was God's candidate again in 2004. And George Bush has been God's president for the last 8 years.

    Trust in God and vote your faith. Keep America safe. Write-in George W. Bush for President in 2008.

    But, wait a minute. Isn't there still the little issue the un-Constitutionality of George Bush running for another four to forty-four years?


    The important thing to understand about so-called "term limits" is that they are man's law, not God's Law. The God who parted the Red Sea is surely not worried about so-called "term limits". When you vote your faith you let Almighty God take care of the details.

    Presidential term limits are not in the Bible. And they were not in our Constitution until added by an activist congress in 1951.

    Holy shit, they're right! I just checked with my desk copy of the KJV Bible, and there is absolutely no mention of "term limits" at all. I'm floored!

    I have one question, though. If God can part the Red Sea and turn water into wine, why do I need to bother writing in votes for George Bush? Can't God just Alakazam! him back into the White House indefinitely with his magic God powers? Did the fleeing Israelites have to write in votes to have the Red Sea part?

    Uh oh. I was just killed by lightning.

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