• The Contemptible Idiot's Guide to Joe Lieberman Logic

    Here's Joe "Zell Miller" Lieberman's flawless logic on why he keeps hammering home the talking point that Barack Obama hates Israel, Jews and bagels with lox…

    When asked about concerns he is creating the impression that Obama would not be a friend to Israel, Lieberman responded:

    "It's my way of thinking that if I've concluded, as I have, that John McCain is best for our country, then why wouldn't I do that?"


    This is some kind of logic puzzle, isn't it?

    Okay, let's see, this would be like me saying that if I've concluded, as I have, that if John McCain is generally a decent human being who for the most part says what he believes to be true, then why wouldn't I conclude that Joe Lieberman is a poisonous little opportunistic snake who puts his own interests above those of the country and has a sense of decency that he'd smothered with a star-spangled pillow years ago?

    Is that how this game works?

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