• New Yorker Cover Featuring Barack Obama Continues Magazine's Perfect Streak of Publishing Unfunny, Confounding Cartoons

    Conservative America — long-accustumed to reviling all things New York-related, unless they're being blown up by terrorists (in which case it adopts them away from actual New Yorkers) — doesn't quite know what to make of the newest issue of the New Yorker magazine.

    On one hand, its cover has Barack Obama, dressed as a Muslim, in the Oval Office, standing before a portrait of Osama bin Laden and a burning American flag, giving the terrorist fist jab to America-hating wife Michelle, who's dressed in black militant fatigues. That all makes perfect sense.

    On the other hand, Conservative America is pretty sure that there's some fairyish short story in there somewhere, along with some journalism and stuff that comes dangerously close to nuance. And it's not quite certain yet that this isn't some kind of homosexual, intelligentsia idea of satire that Conservative America doesn't quite get but knows that it hates.

    Aaaahhh! Somebody tell Conservative America what to think. Conservative America get confused. Conservative America smash!

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