• Let's Talk About Mitt Romney Because It's a Slow News Day

    What does Mitt Romney think about getting pushed out of the Republican nomination race a few months ago after spending $35 million of his own money?

    "In some respects it's ideal," Romney said only half-jokingly as he sat down for an exclusive national interview with CBSNews.com before addressing the crowd at the opening of John McCain's Great Lakes regional headquarters. "Get out of the race just before summer so you can spend some time with the family at the beach."

    Now, a $25 million summer vacation I can understand. We all overspend a little bit on vacations, but that extra $10 million just seems excessive to me.

    But while we've already dug out and dusted off that Romney photo above, we might as well engage in a little baseless vice-presidential speculation…

    Since dropping out of the Republican race in February, he has gone from being John McCain's fiercest rival to one of the Arizona senator's most visible surrogates. What was inconceivable during the height of their primary battles, the prospect of a McCain/Romney ticket, is now a real possibility.

    The most obvious assets that Romney would bring to the Republican ticket include his economic expertise, fundraising prowess and potential to give McCain a boost in more than one battleground state.

    Yeah, he has amazing "fundraising prowess"! Who else do you know who can raise $35 million from one guy?

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