• Indecision 2008 + MTV Street Team '08 = SYNERGY!

    Last week, I* met up with stand-up comedian and MTV Street Team's New York correspondent, Sara Benincasa, to eat some white trash food and drink some Pabst Blue Ribbon. She's quite funny and attractive and intelligent and has a kind of Tina Fey air to her, except that she doesn't (yet) have a restraining order registered against me.

    Anyhoo, she recently interviewed me and 23/6's Lee Camp (who does not resemble Tina Fey but does have a restraining order against me — I like his hair) in which she asks the two of us to shed some light on what is and is not funny about politics, politicians and political politiciness.

    I somehow managed to fake my way through the interview without revealing that I'm just next door to being retarded.

    You can read the interview here.

    And you can read all of Ms. Benicasa's MTV posts here.

    And you can see a video of a little kid biting another little kid's finger here.

    *  There are a bunch of other people who also write for this blog, but since I'm me, I used the pronoun "I." Hope that didn't confuse anyone.

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