• Conservative Pundit Robert Novak Hits Insurgent Pedestrian with Freedom Car

    Robert Novak — political pundit known for leaning so right that he's mostly wrong — slammed his black Corvette into a person — who was, in all likelyhood, some kind of a terrorist or hippy or something — who was walking seditiously and treasonously along the street this morning.

    And — most likely because he was busy offering ablutions to the president — he never even noticed

    Novak is known for being an aggressive driver, telling the Washington Post's Reliable Source column back in 2001, "I really hate jaywalkers. I despise them. Since I don't run the country, all I can do is yell at 'em. The other option is to run 'em over, but as a compassionate conservative, I would never do that."

    Well, he never really was that compassionate a conservative anyway, was he?

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