• Shark Week Sharktacular!: Leopard Shark & Remora or Hannity & Colmes?

    Can you tell the difference between a Leopard Shark and its parasite the Remora and Fox News' Sean Hannity and his parasite Alan Colmes?

    a) Began their professional relationship in October of 1996.

    b) Their relationship is one of commensalism, in which one benefits and the other is not significantly harmed or helped.

    c) The smaller attaches itself to its host through use of a modified oval sucker-like organ with slat-like structures that open and close to create suction and take a firm hold of larger's skin, and then proceeds to feed from food dropped from the larger's mouth.

    d) While the larger is a strong conservative, the smaller — though often considered to be liberal — is really more of a moderate. And a total pussy.

    e) The smaller creature is sometimes used by fishermen as a means to catch sea turtles.

    f) Due to its small size, the larger of the two is not considered to be a genuine threat to humans.

    g) If the smaller is unavailable for whatever reason, it is sometimes replaced by Harold Ford Jr.

    h) Bottom feeders.

    Answers after the jump.

    a – H&C; b – Both; c – LS&R; d – H&C; e – LS&R; f – LS&R; g – H&C; h – Both

    Bull Shark or Maureen Dowd?

    Gray Reef Shark or Anderson Cooper?

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