• Barack Obama to Say Hello to VP Choice Evan Bayh This Wednesday?

    Bil Browning (whoever that is), of the Huffington Post (despite being unable to spell his own first name) thinks that he can accurately predict that this Wednesday, Barack Obama will announce his vice-presidential running mate as Evan Bayh, long-thought to be a frontrunner for that position.

    Of course — as if it were even necessary — Browning is looking past the alliterative poetry of future bumper stickers reading "Obama/Bayh" and focusing on more boringish reasons for making his claim…

    Barack Obama is coming to the state on Tuesday afternoon for a campaign stop in Elkhart, Indiana. He'll be attending with Evan Bayh. The press has been told to plan on staying until Wednesday afternoon/evening. Why would he spend so much time in Indiana with nothing on his public calendar?…

    The website ObamaBayh08.com is taken. For a tiny sliver of time late last week, you could type in the URL and you'd be forwarded to another site. Where do you think it took you? The Democratic Party website.

    He's got more reasons, and they're moderately convincing.

    Oh, and in case you're wondering, his last name is pronounced like the word "bye." Not that I'm drawing any ironic conclusions about what this could mean for the Democrats chances in November there.

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