• Countdown to Electiony: 92 Days

    Believe it or not, but George W. Bush actually holds the record for the highest ever approval rating for a United States president, with a whopping 92%. This, of course, was from polls taken between October 8th and 9th way back at the beginning of his first term in 2001.

    Why do those dates seem kind of familiar to me? I wonder if there couldn't have been some horrible thing that had happened to our country, like, a week or two before those polls that would have caused 92% of all of us to rally around our president in a fit of patriotic fervor. Something that he maybe could have exploited to pull us into a destructive, unnecessary and unpopular war a year and a half later.

    Ah, my mind is a blank. Was that maybe around the time that Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor came out?

    Go back to Day 93.

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