• Larry Craig's Super Tuber

    Join former United States Senate Pages Dylan and Ethan Ris as they bring you the dish on not just the presidential race but all the exciting triumphs and disgraces inside, outside, and below the Beltway!

    Chow Time! Who's hungry for some delicious food prepared by Members of Congress with a side helping of terrifyingly Freudian innuendo? If you raised your hand, get out your copy of Congress Cooks! — yes it really exists — turn to Page 69, and behold the "Super Tuber," submitted by Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID)!

    Craig's "Super Tuber" recipe involves:

    1. Hollowing out a potato.
    2. Lubing up a hot dog (the Senator recommends using shortening or butter).
    3. Shoving the hot dog into the potato.

    Bake this puppy for one hour and you've got yourself a phallic, if not appetizing, delight, as evidenced by these photos (care of Foodgoat).

    Once your tastebuds have been seduced by the "Super Tuber," you'll be eager to try other Congressional delicacies, such as the Creamy Tuna Delight submitted by Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) and Hushwee Mediterranean Rice-Meat Dish submitted by Rep. Nick Rahall II (D-WV). But take our advice: Don't eat all of these at once or you'll be rushing off to a wide stance at a Minneapolis airport men's room in no time!

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