• Countdown to Electiony: 86 Days

    One of the greatest legends of the Great American Pastime has to be the Boston Red Sox's longstanding curse (and by "curse," I mean "history of making idiotic business and coaching decisions, including being the last team in all of Major League Baseball to allow black players") that kept them a losing team for decades.

    However, in 2004, they smashed through that curse and won the World Series for the first time in 86 years, beating the St. Louis Cardinals in four straight games.

    That was the first time they'd been in the Series since 1986, when they fucked up a sure-win in the 10th inning of Game 6 after their first baseman let a ground ball (that any tee-baller could have easily fielded) go through his legs, and then the rest of the team decided to lie down and take it easy for the rest of the series. (Funny how those curses work.)

    Anyway — the curse demolished — the Sox have gone on to win the Series again in 2007 and continue to be one of the strongest teams in the American League, as well as the only team that I dislike more than the Yankees. (Fuck them.)

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