• Barack Obama Travels Abroad to the American State of Hawaii

    The working life can wear a man down pretty quick. 18-hour days, jet lag from constant travel, nerve-wracking public speaking, never-ending media appearances, constant harassment from paparazzi. Know what I mean?

    Actually, you probably don't. Not unless you're either Lindsay Lohan or Barack Obama.

    It's no wonder Obama decided to take some time off, cancel his appointments, and head off to the tropical paradise of Hawaii for a week, just like any Joe-Sixpack American does to unwind…

    It was the first time the Democratic presidential contender had returned to his childhood home since he declared himself a candidate for the White House… It sounds the perfect place to cure the affliction that is becoming known as "Obama fatigue." It's not just that the 47-year-old Illinois senator is weary after a year of campaigning; it's more that Americans seem to be wearying of too much news about him.

    The Republicans, because they're Republicans, are taking the opportunity to lash out at Obama for his ties to Hawaiia ties, exposing scandalous details like the fact that Obama went to high school in Hawaii, and that the price of gas is high there!

    Serves that gecko-eating hippie right!

    Why couldn't he have been born in Panama, like a real American?

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