• Chuck Hagel Wants Nothing to Do With Your Stinking Election

    Republican Senator Chuck Hagel — against all reasonable logic — continues to get pointed toward as a possible VP pick by Barack Obama. So much so that, when it was announced that the Vice Presidential nominee's speech at the DNC will be on a veterans-themed day, eyes immediately turned to Hagel, a Vietnam vet.

    Hagel — a longtime friend of John McCain but staunch critic of the Iraq war — however, is having none of it

    "Sen. Hagel has no intention of getting involved in any of the campaigns, and is not planning to endorse either candidate," Hagel spokesman Jordan Stark said.

    The two-term senator from Nebraska is leaving office after his current term and will be overseas on official business during this year's party conventions, Stark said.

    Furthermore, he'll be spending most of the fall in a concrete block, submerged miles beneath the Earth's surface in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by sharks and aquatically-trained grizzly bears.

    So, really, don't even try to ask his opinion on which candidate he supports. It's not worth it.

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