• John McCain Figured Out How to Post His Technology Policy on the Internet!

    I kid, I kid. I'm sure he had an intern do it for him. Nevertheless, John McCain has a technology policy, and it's up on his website right now

    Transformative information and communications technologies permeate every aspect of our daily lives [unless we are John McCain].

    In the last decade, there has been an explosion in the ways Americans [except John McCain] communicate with family, friends, and business partners; shop and connect with global markets; educate themselves; become more engaged politically [not so much with John McCain]; and consume and even create entertainment [okay, John McCain did give us this].

    America has led the world into this technology revolution because we have allowed innovation to take root, grow, and prosper… John McCain is uniquely qualified to lead our nation during this technological revolution [because email is still so new and exciting to him].

    In outlining his policy, McCain reiterated his opposition to net neutrality, a hot-button issue for many bloggers and technology advocates…

    John McCain does not believe in prescriptive regulation like "net-neutrality," but rather he believes that an open marketplace with a variety of consumer choices is the best deterrent against unfair practices.

    He also believes that if you put the internet in neutral, it'll stall.

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