• Obama Veepstakes: Official Vegas Betting Odds

    Two weeks ago, we gave you our Official Vegas Odds on potential running mates for John McCain, and darn if that didn't send shock waves through his campaign! It is now our pleasure to extend the same service to Barack Obama gamblers:

    Name Why (S)he'll Get It Why (S)he Won't Odds
    Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana

    Pushed by concerned Indiana officials who are trying to bump Dan Quayle from the top of their "Famous Residents" list. In the wake of the John Edwards scandal, it's getting increasingly difficult to trust any handsome, well-coiffed Democrat. 3 to 1
    Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware

    Nominating Biden will possibly placate the zero delegates he'll be sending to the convention. Debatable whether the way to win over voters is to bore them to death. π to 1.
    Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Kaine could deliver a state that hasn't swung Democratic since Strom Thurmond was a member of the party. Mark Warner will give the convention's keynote address, thus exhausting the party's quota for Harvard-trained, beauty-deprived Virginia governors who are actually from the Midwest. 7.5 to 3
    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas

    Nominating her is a way to get a woman on the ticket without resorting to You Know Who. Okay, we saw that voters may be ready to elect a female president, but vice president?  Slow down, ladies! 409 to 1
    Former Sen. Sam Nunn of Georgia

    This elder statesman's military background appeals to hawks who thought Wesley Clark was too much of a sissy to get the nod. Unclear if he is still alive. 1812 to 1
    Vice President Dick Cheney

    Cheney has extensive experience serving as [classified], and he will [classified] in the event of [classified]. There's no chance he's leaving office, so this category is moot. 666 to 1

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