• Shocking Development! Jerome Corsi, Author of Factually-Challenged Anti-Obama Screed, Also Racist Piece of Shit

    Who could'a saw this one coming?

    It seems that Jerome Corsi — author of that modern classic of the swiftboat genre: The Obama Nation — is taking time away from his busy schedule of making shit up to do some press for his new book. And, as well as making an appearance on Hannity & Colmes (of course), he's also going on

    Wait for it…

    …The Political Cesspool, an overtly racist, anti-Semitic radio show hosted by self-avowed white nationalist James Edwards.

    Corsi was interviewed on the Cesspool on July 20 and is scheduled to appear again this Sunday, August 17, joining a recent guest roster that has included Christian Identity pastor Pete Peters, Holocaust denier Mark Weber and former Klan boss David Duke.

    Aw, man, this must be a nightmare for the Obama people. Not only are they gonna lose votes from hardcore conservatives who fill up their shelves with "books" "written" by "people" like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin, but now they're gonna lose the racist white trash vote?!

    Not the coveted racist white trash vote!! Noooo!!!!! I thought Obama had that one locked up.

    What's next? Is he gonna lose the weak-minded conspiracy theorist who will believe absolutely anything vote?

    Oh, look. Here's a video hiding after the jump. I wonder what it has to say…

    Really?! He's a 9/11 conspiracist, too?!

    I give up.

    You have bested me, Jerome Corsi. My tired satire skills are no match for your preternatural powers of uber-retardedness.

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