• GOP Congressional Candidate Catches Chinese Stealing Florida's Oil

    How clever of those dastardly Chinese?

    Here they are, staging these big, elaborate Olympic games designed to subdue us into a lethargic, Michael Phelps-worshipping trance, while back in the Homeland, they're stealing all the oil off of Florida!

    At least that's the way congressional candidate Tom McClintock tells it.

    McClintock, a Republican vying to replace John Doolittle in the 4th District of California, claimed in a letter to the Auburn, California Journal

    The vast oil fields off the coast of Florida that American law prevents Americans from developing are now being drained by the Chinese government drilling in Cuban waters.

    McClintock would know a thing or two about drilling into someone else's territory. While the 4th district is located in the northeastern corner of California, abutting Nevada and Oregon, McClintock himself lives in Ventura County, adjacent to Los Angeles…

    McClintock… is in the unusual position of running for an office where he can't vote for himself. For 22 years, he has represented Thousand Oaks (Ventura County), where by state law he has to be registered to keep his state Senate seat. Under federal rules, congressional candidates can live anywhere in the state.

    Suddenly, the Chinese don't seem so slimy. I mean, if we all followed Tom McClintock's logic, Hu Jintao might as well run for Governor of Florida. And Michael Phelps could ascend to Chairman the Chinese Communist Party.

    And then McClintock could go to the bottom of the ocean to hoard all that oil for himself.

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