• Michael Bloomberg Unknowingly Running for President of Virginia

    Ten thousand independently-minded Virginians have had their say, and it has come to pass that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Texas Representative Ron Paul will appear on the presidential ballot in their state (which, last time I checked, falls only 257 electoral votes short of those needed for a candidate to win).

    Somebody should probably get around to telling Bloomberg and Paul…

    This past week, however, a small but potentially significant ripple was introduced to that equation. On Friday, under the radar, the Independent Green Party of Virginia successfully gathered enough signatures to put New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's name on the presidential ballot.

    They did it all without the mayor's knowledge or consent. Moreover, they wrote in as his number two Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a hero to an impassioned group of libertarians, online activists, and U.S. foreign policy critics…

    "Indy Greens started the presidential petition drive on January 1, 2008 in Independence, Virginia," explained Carey Campbell, chairman of the party. "Eight months, 15 days later, the cake is baked. The deed is done. We're happy hillbillies."

    Isn't this just typical?

    I mean, what is the deal with hillbillies and their obsession with short, femmey, disgustingly rich New York Jews?

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