• Red Baiting: The Top 5 Conservative Moments on The Daily Show

    Hello, conservative Daily Show fans! How do you do. Why yes, the status quo is looking mighty fine. Care for a drink of oil?

    As you can no see, we don't have much practice talking to folks like you. To be perfectly blunt, none of us are actually convinced you are real. So in order to find out if you actually exist outside of DailyKos diaries and New York Times puff pieces, please allow us to bait you with the top 5 conservative Daily Show moments.

    5. Say No Moor

    Oh, San Francisco. You are so ca-yyyyuuute when you self-parody.

    4. Back in Black – Effective Means

    Kudos to the protesters in this clip for showing Lewis that SUVs are appropriate weapons under extreme circumstances.

    3. Party's Over

    While the 2002 midterm election results were among the first indications that Congressional Democrats lacked what, in polite circles, is known as "a nutsack," they also marked the closest Jon ever came to a political conversion — see him here reading a book entitled, "So You've Decided to Become a Republican."

    2. Ann Coulter

    None of us were able to sit through more than 30 seconds of this interview, but we figure her mere presence on the show is enough to vault this clip up to number two.

    1. Marines in Berkeley

    Oh, Berkeley. You make San Francisco look like the Jacksonville Motor Speedway on Confederate Memorial Day.

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