• Cindy McCain's Half Sister Sadly, Luckily Ignored

    Photo via Ted Robbins/NPRGoodness gracious! That nice Cindy Hensley McCain, you know, the hardworking pilot lady, it turns out she has a skeleton in her family closet.

    Except this skeleton has organs and skin and hair attached, lives in Phoenix, and is named Kathleen Hensley Portalski.

    As in Cindy's half sister

    The Portalski family is accustomed to hearing Cindy McCain described as [Jim] Hensley's only child.

    She's been described that way by news organizations from The New Yorker and The New York Times to Newsweek and ABC.

    McCain herself routinely uses the phrase "only child," as she did on CNN last month. "I grew up with my dad," she said then. "I'm an only child. My father was a cowboy, and he really loved me very much, but I think he wanted a son occasionally."

    McCain's father was also a businessman — and twice a father.

    "I'm upset," Kathleen Portalski says. "I'm angry. It makes me feel like a nonperson, kind of."

    That is terribly sad, but at least there's an upside to not being considered a member of the McCain family…

    She's not considered a member of the McCain family.

    (photo via Ted Robbins/NPR)

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