• Democrats Achieve Party Unity by Highlighting Party Stupidity

    Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." But the Democratic Party is determined to prove that division within a house is more than possible. In fact, it's called a duplex.

    Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California is excited to vote for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. I'm sure her excitement is purely a cathartic exercise, after which she will throw her full support to her party's candidate.

    Said Sanchez, "I believe there are a lot of supporters for Hillary among the superdelegates, especially now that they've agreed to place her name in nomination. I think half the House Democrats would probably be Hillary supporters, especially women… I felt she was the most experienced and the best candidate and I still feel that way."

    Guess not.

    The Democratic Party is set to go through with the useless roll call vote. It's good to hear the Democrats will accommodate sour grapes by bending themselves backwards. Usually they just bend themselves forwards. In that they get fucked. A lot.

    There's no way that this could result in them getting fucked though, because, like I said, they are bending themselves backwards, which — although it is a Karma Sutra position — isn't very practical.

    "It's a bizarre strategy," said one Democratic strategist of the roll call. "It could backfire and show that her influence is waning. Chances are, she's not going to have as many delegates vote for her on the floor as she had in the primary."

    I'm glad Clinton and her supporters called for this symbolic gesture. Funny thing about symbolic gestures though, they usually symbolize something. What does this symbolize? According to a New York delegate, this symbolizes that "30-40%" of the New York delegation won't stand by its party or its candidate.

    What better way to show party unity than to show just how united you are in being divided?!

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