• John McCain Campaigns Directly to Precious, Precious Oil Drums

    John McCain has finally found a place where he is certain not to lose a single vote: an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico!

    Yesterday, McCain rode a helicopter 150 miles into international waters to campaign on the rig to underscore his argument for increased off-shore oil drilling. Should be a slam dunk, right?

    Jointly owned by Chevron and Exxon Mobil, the rig represents an environmental risk great enough that the US Coast Guard has set up a "safety zone" around its perimeter to prevent accidents…

    McCain touted the potential of the Genesis rig, which was given Coast Guard protection in 2002 due to the "potential for loss of life and damage to the environment" if an accident were to occur there.

    A July oil-rig appearance was scuttled by the McCain camp after the Gulf suffered two troubling plights: Hurricane Dolly and a 420,000-gallon oil spill that raised environmental alarms.

    OK, so it turns out that there are a few very small drawbacks to off-shore drilling. But, at least McCain got that photo op with the oil rig.

    After all, there's a pretty strong record of presidential-types having incredible success after flying small aircraft to things in the middle of the ocean.

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