• MSNBC Gives Rachel Maddow Her Own Show

    Yesterday, MSNBC announced that one of my favoritest political commentatorists, Rachel Maddow, would be receiving her own show on the network, just after Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

    And she even made a brief appearance to Olbermann's show to celebrate…

    Now, you may guess — because Maddow already hosts her own radio show on the liberal cement shoe Air America and generally responds to news items with some modicum of rationality — that this is somehow proof of my ridiculously inobjective liberalness. But you'd be wrong.

    Actually, it's proof of my sexistness. I happen to have a pretty big crush on Rachel Maddow. If someone were to fit her with a pair of glasses and send her back in time to report from Ground Zero with silt in her hair, I think she'd blow my previous journalistic crush, Ashleigh Banfield, out of the water.

    And, you know what? I don't think she's married or anything. She seems to have been living with her best girl friend for a while now, probably while the two of them wait for the right men to come along.

    I think I might actually have a shot.

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