• Proven Winner Ralph Nader Gives Obama Golden Political Advice

    So it seems everyone's got an opinion about who Barack Obama should pick as VP. Even a man who's only accomplishment in seeking elected office was beating out "Tuna Salad Sandwich Left In Glove Compartment of Floridian Car" for the prestigious biggest spoiler of all time award.

    From atop his tower composed entirely of ivory and misdirected idealism, Nader told reporters this week that Hillary Clinton is the smart choice for Obama because she is the only person who would help him get more votes…

    "And if he's going to say, 'One people, one nation,' he can raise the banner of unity with her as his vice presidential running mate," he said Thursday on "American Morning."

    And if there's one thing Nader knows it's how to get votes!

    For example, he is already way ahead in the polling for Irrelevant Political Figure I Will Never Forgive for the 2000 Election. He is crushing all competitors in my Man I Used to Respect But Now Wish Never Existed poll.

    And for the 10th straight year he was just named #1 Individual to Lend Credence to the Stereotype That Liberals are Idealistic, Overly-Intellectual, Eggheads Who Actually Exacerbate the Problems They are Trying to Fix.

    In related news, its speculated that Nader will suggest that John McCain should also pick Hillary Clinton because, after all, McCain and Obama are practically the same person.

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