• Trainspotting Joe Biden

    As we all know, Joe Biden loves trains. Loves 'em! He has ridden the humble rails to work every day of his life, commuting to Washington, DC from his home in Delaware. This morning Biden made a whistlestop at the Wilmington train station, where he shook hands and talked choo-choos

    "Jillie [this is what Joe Biden calls his wife], my guys left. The 103 left. I missed Jimmie," Biden said referring to the train conductor. "I've been coming in here every single day for the last 35 years, and these guys have become my family."

    Of course, family loyalty only goes so far with this scrappy blue-collar attack dog Senate legend Catholic person. Moments after uttering his stirring ode to Amtrak, Joe Biden hypocritically boarded an airplane to Denver!

    That's not a straight talk express I can believe in.

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