• LiveBlog: Democratic National Convention – Night Two

    11:10 – Question: How do you know when you are in a room full of heathen atheist liberals?

    Answer: When two pastors come on the TV to deliver a benediction, they mute the TV and tell us to "come upstairs for comedy and beer."

    Well…  They do make a good point.  We're going to go check out this evening's comedy event with Eugene Mirman and Rachel Sklar and a bunch of other people presented by Huff Po's 23/6.


    - MK

    11:06 – Allison just bet me five dollars that the story in the media tomorrow is that Hillary Clinton gave too good a speech to show up Barack Obama and make him lose.

    I might lose this bet. – DDC

    11:01 - The Twin Cities! Bush and McCain! Oh my god! Why did nobody think of that before? Home fucking run! – DDC

    11:00 – She's doing a really good job. She should consider running for president one day. – DDC

    10:57 – Bill looks proud and happy. I'll bet he even tries to seduce her after this speech. – DDC

    10:53 – Clinton's shout out to her companions in the "sisterhood of the traveling pants suits" was pretty funny.  However, the close captioner wrote it as "sister hood of the traveling hansards."  This is less funny because a hansard is  (according to the wikipedia)

    "the traditional name for the printed transcripts of parliamentary debates in the Westminster system of government." – MK

    10:52 - "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits." I think she stole that from a blog. – DDC

    10:48 – I honestly can't even get into the head of a hardcore Democrat who would vote for McCain over Obama just because Clinton lost. That said, this speech seems really effective for what she's obviously trying to do.

    And, let's not forget. She doesn't want her legacy to go down next to Nader's. – DDC

    10:47 – Well, out of the gate, she's trying to pull in the PUMAs. (Well, not the PUMAs specifically. Those people are just Republicans.) – DDC

    10:45 – She hit the word "Democrat" really hard. I wonder why. – DDC

    10:39 – So, what is Hillary gonna say? Adam (from North Decoder), who's sitting right next to me, says she needs to lay superhard into McCain to pull her supporters over to Obama. I hadn't considered that. I assumed she'd just talk Obama up.

    If she goes after McCain half as hard as she went after Obama… – DDC

    10:37 – Hillary Clinton rock montage! It's for the young people. – DDC

    10:33 – Schweitzer's doing a lot better job than I thought he would. – DDC

    10:29 - "Even if you drilled in all of John McCain's backyards…" Wow! They are hitting that meme hard. I always thought Democrats were limp-wristed to twist a knife. – DDC

    10:28 – John McCain voted against wind energy? Why… why… he hates the atmosphere! – DDC

    10:25 – This guy got the worst spot of the convention. Right before Hillary Clinton. He's like Led Zeppelin's opening band. They didn't even try to put somebody interesting before her. Why waste a decent speaker? – DDC

    10:21 – Okay, so, I realize that Brian Schweitzer is the Governor of Montana, but, c'mon! A bolo tie? How are you gonna wear a bolo and do your best Woody Allen impression?

    This guy just thinks all Democrats who don't live on a mountain are Jewish. – DDC

    10:16 – You know what's weird? I grew up in New Jersey and eventually moved to Philadelphia and New York City. I've spent my entire life in cities that are practically indigo. Meeting conservatives, for me, has always been like spotting a Yeti.

    And yet, here in this Tent in the middle of the Democratic Convention, suddenly I feel like Newt Gingrich. (Well, that's a stretch. How about Barry Goldwater?) – DDC

    10:10 – Apparently Deval Patrick is my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa.  Also, why do Democrats let people from Massachusetts who are not named Kennedy speak?  Didn't they learn their lesson last year? – MK

    10:07 – That was a very complicated and long baseball joke, but it was kind of funny.  Americans like baseball so it should play well. . The set up went on forever, but the punchline was "Bush on third, and stole second." – MK

    10:03 – Ted Strickland is talking now.  I know the Democrats need Ohio and that's why they let him speak, but you'd think in "a big diverse state" they'd be able to find someone who could kind of sort of modulate his voice to convey emotion. – MK

    9:57 – You know how I know I'm in a liberal safe house?  They've invested in a screen that makes Mark Warner's teeth look normal sized.  This technology must be why Warner believes in science. – MK

    9:52 – "If an idea works, it really doesn't matter if it has a D or an R next to it." Just so long as it doesn't have a G next to it.

    9:50 – You had me at "In four months, we will have an administration that actually believes in science." – DDC

    9:49 – Is Warner telling us to be afraid of China? – DDC

    9:47 – George Bush never asked us to step up? That's his biggest problem with George Bush? – DDC

    9:45 – So, Mark Warner invented cell phones? – DDC

    9:44 – Don't forget. This is the exact space that Barack Obama filled in the 2004 DNC. You know what that means? Mark Warner is a Muslim. – DDC

    9:42 – Here's Mark Warmer, the keynote speaker. Is he gonna rip into McCain? I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. – DDC

    9:41 – Please, no more dancing Democrats. – DDC

    9:39 – "I'm So Excited!" is playing in the convention center. Allison (see below) just said, "I'd don't like the implication that we're all fucking Barack Obama." I agree. – DDC

    9:34 – I'm trying to watch this nice looking lady (Lilly Ledbetter) who's talking about women's issues, and for some reason, soft acoustic guitar rock keeps getting pumped through the speaker system here in The Tent. That's not change I can believe in. – DDC

    9:30 – And then he drops "Four More Months"! Who writes this guy's bumper stickers? – DDC

    9:29 – Oh, snap! "That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick." – DDC

    9:23 – Senator Bob Casey just started talking. See that hair. That's what Joe Biden's would look like without the comb over. Not so bad, huh? There's nothing wrong with just admitted you're going bald. – DDC

    9:05 – Kathleen Sebelius is making a Wizard of Oz joke.  Because she's from Kansas.  Get it?  "For John McCain, there's no place like home, or a home, or a home, or a home." – MK

    9:02 – I just met aspiring congressman Jared Polis who keeps a diary over at Daily Kos (which I'll provide a link for if/when I find it).  I like Jared and here's why: he's a closet nerd.  He just told us that he blogs because he, like me, used to go on BBS's on a 300 baud modem.  Now that's a guy I can relate to. – MK

    9:01 – The sound came on just in time to hear Nancy Floyd of Nth Power.  She's the Founder AND Managing Director, don't you know? – MK

    8:37 – Here's a guy who's supposedly been hanging around in front of The Tent all day long.

    He seems well-intentioned, but you'd think he'd be able to find some better place in Denver to protest than a tent full of the most progressive grass-roots bloggers in the city.

    On the other hand, I just posted his picture. – DDC

    Update: I just had a nice long with they guy in the picture above. His name is Ben Masel and he ran for U.S. Senate in 2006. He didn't win. But he says that he got more votes than he (and, presumably, a lot of people) thought he would get. – DDC

    8:27 – Ok, so I can't hear anything, and by anything I mean Janet Napolitano, but I can see this which is very entertaining. – MK

    The biggest story right now is: David Greenberg: Biden's Plagiarism Should Not Be Forgotten.  I've also learned that police trapped peaceful protestors in Denver.  – MK

    8:25 – As soon as we got here to the Big Tent (which, yesterday, I mistakenly called Digg's Big Tent; Digg is one of the sponsors, but this is really all put together mostly by the people at Daily Kos), my computer decided to join the website in its protest of America. It just refused to work properly. Anyway, I decided to leave it be for a little while to take some pictures (which I'll start posting in a bit). Since I came back, it seems to be playing nicer. – DDC

    8:02 – Some band is playing.  Looks like two guitarists, a cello and a fiddler.  I bet they're awesome.  I wish I could hear them. – MK

    7:51 - Robin Golden, an auto worker from Grand Rapids Michigan is on the TV right now.  I don't know more about him because they still inexplicably have the sound off here.  Our new friend, Allison from First Draft correctly points out that though he is probably a nice guy, and a good Democrat, he does look like he just rolled out of bed.

    He also doesn't seem to have bothered to tuck in his shirt. – MK

    7:33 – Sitting here in the blog area of The Big Tent on night two and just met Matthew Taylor and Anastasia Kousakis who are here representing the Progressive Book Club, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  They are predicting a completely saccharine Hillary Clinton tonight, with no innuendo or damning with faint praise.

    Their logic is that everyone is watching her so hawkishly for any sign of dissent that she can't afford to be anything but super sweet. – MK

    7:23 – Testing, testing. Is this thing on? Is this thing on? – DDC

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