• Maureen Dowd Owes Me Five Dollars, Goddamnit!

    Last night, after Hillary Clinton blew the roof off Denver's Pepsi Center with her fantastically energizing speech, Allison from First Draft bet me five dollars that the media spin would be that she did such a good job as kind of a "fuck you" attempt to upstage Barack Obama.

    I begrudgingly took the bet, expecting to lose my money.

    And I lost my money

    She added insult to injury by coming out Tuesday night looking great in a blazing orange pantsuit and teaching the precocious pup Obama something about intensity and message. She thanked her "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits," and slyly noted that Obama would enact her health care plan rather than his.

    She offered the electrifying fight that the limpid Obama has not — setting off paranoia among some Democrats that they had chosen the wrong nominee or that Obama had chosen the wrong running mate. "It makes perfect sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together in the Twin Cities because these days they are awfully hard to tell apart," she said.

    You can always rely on Maureen Dowd to be reliably unreliable.

    (Thank you, Allison, for letting me use your photo. And please choke on that five dollars.)

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