• My Hilarious Conversation About How the Supreme Court Will Destroy Us All

    After she finished moderating The Dark Court panel discussion with Christy Hardin Smith and Pam Spalding, I had an opportunity to have a nice little conversation with Nan Aron, of Alliance for Justice Action Campaign. Well, a depressing little conversation anyway.

    We talked about how the next person elected president — whether it be Barack Obama, John McCain or Ralph Nader (anyway, seriously) — will get to appoint as many as three Supreme Court justices in the next four years. That's one-third of the Supreme Court.

    What's of particular importance here is that these people are appointed for life. They're like fungus — you can't get rid of them. Love or hate the elected president, you'll only have to put up with his policy positions for four-to-eight years. Right? No, not really. As Aron pointed out that the man who gets to appoint a third of the Supreme Court, could have his ideals live on for decades.

    She explained that the irony of the situation of embittered Hillary Clinton supporters planning to vote for John McCain is that they're actually voting for several decades of a conservative-weighted SCOTUS. And a conservative SCOTUS is much less likely to lean toward women's rights like equal pay and a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, she said.

    Wasn't I supposed to be funny in this post somewhere?

    Well, I guess it's funny in a way. Just in a really sad, sad way.

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