• Washinton Governor Christine Gregoire Gets Her News From Indecision 2008…

    …or so Gov. Gregoire claims. I have a suspicion, though, that she wasn't being completely honest/serious.

    I was just introduced to her in Daily Kos and Digg's Big Tent, and she did seem very intrigued to meet somebody from Comedy Central, even if not somebody particularly intriguing in and of himself.

    I asked her what she thought of Hillary Clinton's speech last night, and she said she was expecting Sen. Clinton do well, but that it "exceeded my expectations." That seems to be the general opinion across the board with everyone I've spoken to. (I asked her if she's expecting Bill's speech tonight to be comparable, and she said she'd rather not draw a comparison. Message recieved, loud and clear.)

    Wish I had a picture, but it turns out I'm an idiot and left the hotel without a battery in my camera. So, Michael very patiently agreed to go home to get it.

    We did however manage to get some pictures of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and campaign guru Joe Trippi, both of whom are currently wandering around The Tent and discussing the best ways to undermine American pride with all the liberal bloggers (or so I assume). I'll try to get those pics up soon.

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