• Who Was That Masked Man in the Bolo Tie?

    The Internets are all abuzz with chatter about last night's mysterious speaker at the Democratic National Convention, who brought down the house with a rousing speech about alternative energy. The portly, middle-aged white man has won accolades from sources as diverse as Forbes Magazine and the Northwest Progressive Institute .

    Well, I did some old-fashioned research and discovered that this enigmatic orator is in fact a man by the name of "Brian Schweitzer." Apparently, he has some sort of job with the Montana state government, possibly involving soil. Whoever he was, you've got to give him credit for bringing the crowd in Denver to their feet with lines like this:

    In Montana, we're investing in wind farms and we're drilling in the Bakken formation, one of the most promising oil fields in America. We're pursuing coal gasification with carbon sequestration and we're promoting greater energy efficiency in homes and offices.

    But there may be more to this story. I might posit that this mysterious person has the speech-giving skills of a very famous politician … one Barack Obama. And to my knowledge, Schweitzer and Obama have never been seen together in the same room. In fact, where was Obama last night while this thrilling speech was delivered? How convenient! Supposedly, he was in Montana.

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