• Democratic Convention: After Hours – A Photo Party

    Here at the Democratic Nation Convention, your days can be an exhausting frazzle of handshakes, business cards, traffic and running from tear gas. So, when the convention center empties out at nine, the bars start to fill up fast.

    Here's some photos from our nights out in Denver with the America haters…

    A sea of people in attendance at some baby-killing party or something. (I was kind of drunk, but if I remember correctly, I think they were giving out free abortions at the door.)

    Here's a fun game: See if you can find Sean Penn amongst the debauchery. Supposedly, he's in there somewhere. We would have gotten a closer shot, but we we were disenfranchised for not having the magic wristbands.

    That's My DD's Todd Beeton on the right and Little Orphan Annie on the left. (Update: Turns out that's not Little Orphan Annie, but some very nice person who we met, but whose name escapes me.)

    Hullabaloo's D Day (Dave Dayen) with Mary. (I leave it to you to decide who's who.) Click on the image to get a better view of his pin.

    I have no idea who this guy is, but I wish I did.

    Michael, doing his Michael schtick.

    Some bald, drunk, annoying guy who kept following Michael around all Tuesday night.

    And here he is again at another party last night. Looks like his hairline receded noticeably since the previous evening.

    A photographer who was wandering around taking pictures of people better dressed than us. But the jokes on him, because now I'm taking his picture. Hahahahahahahaha! Suck on that!

    This is Betsy, the only person we've met in Denver in three days who actually lives in Denver.

    Liberals engaging in an ancient dancing rite in celebration of the ascending reign of their Savior of Hope.

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