• Minnesota Senate Race: Who's the Lawbreakyist?

    The US Chamber of Commerce has run an ad criticizing funny man turned serious man Al Franken, who's running for Norm Coleman's Senate seat, for neglecting to pay his taxes from stand-up income in 17 states.

    The ad scolds Al thusly:

    High taxes hurt. But it seems like every time Al Franken opens his mouth he talks about raising taxes. This from a guy who was caught not paying his own taxes in 17 states! Over 70,000 dollars. But Al Franken wants to increase taxes on Minnesota families, retirees, asking us to pay more when he fails to pay his taxes? Maybe he shouldn't open his mouth. Tell Al Franken that high taxes aren't very funny.

    OK, sure, forgetting to pay your taxes is bad and probably slightly illegal, like jaywalking with your accountant, but it turns out that the Chamber of Commerce may have broken the law by coordinating campaign expenditures with Norm Coleman's campaign. Oops.

    The Chamber must have a lot of time on its hands, since it's done so well at its main job fixing the economy so people can spend money to buy shit.

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