• Larry Craig's Bathroom Stall of Love

    Michael and I landed in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport earlier this afternoon and, of course, we had to make the obligatory trip to see Idaho Senator Larry Craig's sexily infamous bathroom stall.

    I know we're not the first people to visit it. But you kind of have to see it, don't you? Not doing so would be like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty or going to Camden, New Jersey and not getting mugged.

    There's, like, thirty thousand men's rooms in this airport, but we somehow managed to track down the right one (we think). We'd figured it would probably be in some dark, secluded corner of the airport, possibly someplace with mood lighting and soft jazz.

    But, no. This is pretty much the most crowded and bustling part of the airport.

    This might be Larry Craig'd stall. I think it is…

    …because when I sat down in there, I felt really, really sexy. I don't know if there's still Larry Craig energy floating around in there or if Larry Craig maybe fell prey to the same love aura that was affecting me.

    One thing I can definitely say about the stall now, having sat in it…

    Larry Craig must have an incredibly wide stance.

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