• Ron Paul's Ronstock '08 Officially Underway

    The Twin Cities have finished their 18 month preparation, the news media has swooped in from Denver, and the American public is rapt and eager. Let the Ron Paul National Convention begin!

    Paul may have lost the Republican primary to John McCain, but don't tell that to his devoted-but-seemingly-unemployed supporters, who are descending upon Minneapolis today to show their love for the Texas gynecologist/Congressman…

    Almost 9,800 tickets had been sold for the Rally for the Republic, which seeks to bring together activists who are anti-war, anti-government regulation, anti-immigration, anti-taxes, anti-Federal Reserve, anti-outsourcing, pro-individual liberty, pro-civil liberties and pro-Paul.

    Buoyed by celebrity guest speakers like Jesse Ventura and Tucker Carlson, the Rally will focus on expanding civil liberties and returning every soldier in Iraq back to U.S. soil — where they'll be reassigned handing out Ron Paul flyers on the subway.

    After the rally, apostles of Paul will move their crusade to a Goodhue, Minnesota dairy farm for "Ronstock '08," which promises to be just like Woodstock if Woodstock had featured guns.

    Meanwhile, the Republican Party would like Paul supporters to know that if they're looking for a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, white, seventy-something Republican who has spent two and a half decades in Congress… well, they've got one of their own right across the river.

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