• Republican Pollster Confident Racists Will Deliver a John McCain Victory

    Barack Obama is leading in the presidential polls. This means that more people plan to for him than for John McCain, right?

    "Wrong!" declares Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Republicans can take solace, he argues, that Americans are fundamentally too racist to elect a minority candidate.

    Luntz cited the "Bradley Effect" in a speech to the California Republican delegation, who were brunching at a Lake Minnetonka Country Club. Said "Effect" takes its name from the 1982 California governor's race where Tom Bradley, the African-American mayor of Los Angeles, lost despite leading in the polls…

    Analysts believe voters lied when they said they'd vote for Bradley, when in fact they were unwilling to vote for a black man. Luntz predicted the same thing would happen with Barack Obama. He told California delegates not to get discouraged if John McCain is trailing in the polls, because the Bradley effect will make up for some of that.

    Luntz must take comfort in his belief that American racism is just as vibrant today as it was 26 years ago. Heck, that's the same thing John McCain's supporters keep saying about him!

    But things have changed in the past 26 years, whether Luntz acknowledges it or not. For instance, the United States Congress currently has 43 African-Americans, 8 Asian-Americans, 29 Latinos, 43 Jews, 1 Muslim, 2 Buddhists, 5 Christian Scientists, and 15 Mormons—including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    Also, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is now a national holiday. If you don't believe me, ask John McCain.

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