• Jack Abramoff Makes One Republican Who's Getting 4 More Years

    Even if they can't hold on to the White House, Republicans in Washington should take heart that one of their own has just received a brand new four-year term. Jack Abramoff, the power lobbyist who bilked Indian tribes and protected sweatshop lords alongside roach exterminator Tom DeLay, is the proud recipient of a brand new jail sentence for his slimy orchestration of a casino lobbying scandal

    Abramoff is already serving a nearly six-year term on unrelated charges and the new sentence will be served at the same time, meaning he will not spend any extra time behind bars once his original sentence ends in 2012.

    But Abramoff will serve at least four more years in prison, even if his lawyers are successful in getting a reduction in his first sentence on charges of fraud in the purchase of a Florida casino cruise line. When his terms expire, he will have spent nearly six years in prison.

    Since he won't be leaving jail until Joe Lieberman is the Republican nominee for president, Abramoff ought to put his lobbying skills to use in his new home. To parallel his old life, he could negotiate a Sunday-night pinochle monopoly for his cellblock and pay off the warden with a kickball junket to the exercise yard.

    And when he's done with that, he can make up a bed for DeLay.

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