• Big Change, Small Packages

    This is Sophia Maguire, a very enthusiastic Barack Obama supporter from the Beltway area that I had the good fortune of running into on the last day of the DNC.

    She told me she approved of Obama's choice of vice president, citing Joe Biden's 35 years of senatorial experience, as well as his time spent as the chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as the perfect compliment to Obama's youthful vigor and deep understanding of Constitutional law.

    Her brother Sam agrees with her in most, but has slightly different reasons for throwing his support behind the Obama/Biden ticket…

    In years past, Sam Maguire — though socially liberal — might have considered himself a Republican, or at the very least a Reagan Democrat. But these days, with the historically financially conservative GOP hijacked by neocons and theocrats bent on nation-building and governmental spending out of control, he feels that the Democratic ticket offers the more fiscally responsible choice.

    Here's Sophia and Sam, waiting around with their mother Molly in Daily Kos' The Big Tent for some associates of theirs to arrive, so they could all head over to Mile High Stadium to see Obama's big speech.

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