• Tom Tancredo Now Babbling About Female Golfers – In English, of Course

    Will someone please give Tom Tancredo something to do? Clearly bored without a presidential campaign to pathetically lose, the far-right Colorado Congressman has instead taken on the solemn duty of trashing the LPGA for failing to enforce English as its official language

    Tancredo released a press statement on Friday, calling out the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) for having the gall to repeal a new and controversial proposal that would have changed the association's policy to require that all players speak English.

    Tancredo's statement, released via his Congressional website, accuses the LPGA of cowering to "the politically correct left and 'immigrant rights' groups" — which are of course well-known to hold massive sway over our nation's country clubs. No sir, you cannot spell "the politically correct left and 'immigrant rights' groups" without G-O-L-F.

    But with all the issues currently facing Congress, why would Tancredo spend so much time railing about lady golfers?

    Could it be because — just throwing out a guess here — only one week prior, Tancredo had personally authored an op-ed piece in the Washington Times that praised the LPGA for instituting the English-only rule?

    Next thing he knows, he opens that same newspaper and learns the rule has been thrown out…

    Talk about huevo on your face!

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