• Total Recall for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, who swept into office following the 2003 recall of unpopular Gov. Gray Davis, may soon learn that the recall process can be a two-edged AK-47.

    The influential — and, we should note, heavily armed — California prison guards union announced a brand-new recall movement on Monday — and this one is to remove Schwarzenegger himself

    The petition drive by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association is the latest political challenge for Schwarzenegger, who faces political, legal and administrative battles over his efforts to close a $17.2 billion budget gap and enact a budget that is now 70 days late.

    Now the prison guards are still a long ways away from recalling their rival Kindergarten Cop. (By "a long ways," I mean 1,041,530 signatures and a formal ballot initiative.) But think of all the political careers that could be revived if they succeed…

    * There's Gary Coleman, who lost the last recall election to Schwarzenegger, and is now playing a slave in a right-wing propaganda movie.

    * There's Mary Carey, another recall loser, who… uh, also acts in films.

    * And then there's State Senator Tom McClintock, who finished third to Schwarzenegger in 2003… Only he's not available because he's already running for Congress in a district approximately 600 miles away from where he actually lives.

    But Schwarzenegger, who is batting a thousand in political elections, won't go down easily. He can raise campaign funds with ease and he enjoys far more bipartisan support than Gray Davis ever had. And if he needs to threaten voters with a final trump card, he certainly has one…

    Can you say "Jingle All The Way 2"?

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