• Senate, Drugs and John McCain

    Well, here's something.

    Don't know quite what to make of it yet, but it appears that a former employee and family friend of the John and Cindy McCain is coming clean about alleged misuse of McCain's senatorial office to cover up Cindy's penchant for taking prescription pills that didn't belong to her…

    You've probably heard about Cindy McCain stealing prescription drugs from her charity in the 1990s. Today, Tom Gosinski, her former employee and a close friend of the McCain's, came out on the record about the entire sordid episode. And it appears that McCain used his Senate staff and resources to cover up Cindy's drug use, and potentially to prevent the Drug Enforcement Agency from investigating his wife's theft of illegal prescription drugs.

    John McCain certainly used his political connections to begin a campaign of intimidation against Gosinski, because at the time — this was after the Keating 5 scandal — another major scandal would have derailed his career.

    Oh, this is just so sexist!

    When will the left-wing smear-meisters stop attacking John McCain just because he's a woman?

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