• David Plouffe Tries to Explain How Barack Obama Can Win This Thing

    You know, of all my email buddies, I'd have to say that David Plouffe — Barack Obama's campaign manager — is the one who most often writes asking for money. Yeah, even more than my friend Arnie. The one with the huffing addiction. (Who'd have guessed cans of spray paint could be so expensive?)

    So, I just checked my email and — after explaining to Arnie that high-end paint probably isn't any more effective for his purposes than the generic stuff — I come across an email from Plouffe, that goes roughly like this…

    Blah blah blah Hope. Blah blah blah McCain's a dick. Blah blah money blah blah blah donate blah blah fifty state strategy.

    However,this time there was something mildly interesting in the email. A link to a video in which Plouffe promised to lay out his plans for winning the election without the use of any pit bulls, hockey moms or POW scars…

    Meh. I still think they could do with a pit bull or two.

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