• Ted Nugent Duels Matt Damon for Sarah Palin's Honor

    Get this: Ted Nugent is talking smack towards Matt Damon for dissing Sarah Palin, who in turn challenged Lindsay Lohan to a duel.

    OK, I made up the last part, but Nugent really did go off about Damon yesterday, in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor. Turns out he's pretty upset with the actor for criticizing Palin's qualifications for the White House. Here's an excerpt…

    "To be concerned is prudent, but his references are without merit."

    Wait a second. That doesn't sound like the Ted Nugent I know, the Ted Nugent who once swung an AK-47 over his head and told immigrants to "get the fuck out of America" at Texas Gov. Rick Perry's inauguration!

    Well, perhaps Nugent is trying to take a more refined approach to political discourse. After all, he is about to enter the literary world with his landmark autobiography, entitled (of course) "Ted, White and Blue," which is described thusly on its jacket…

    In his trademark unapologetic style, Nugent will praise God, guns, and red-blooded, full-throated Americanism against pantywaist politicians, nanny-state judges, and tofu-eating Obamamaniacs, calling on readers to "Roll up your damn sleeves, sharpen your crowbars, and think hardcore."

    Now that's one book that Nugent's pal Palin won't try to ban!

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