• Sarah Palin Now More Popular Than Paris Hilton

    Sarah Palin hasn't even eaten her first White House mooseburger, but she's already shattered a glass ceiling.

    She has officially ended Paris Hilton's 456-week run at the top of the "Lycos 50"!

    The Lycos 50 is a list of the most searched terms on Lycos.com, which is kind of like a list of the most popular surfing beaches in Lichtenstein. But that didn't stop a Lycos employee from getting incredibly worked up over the news

    "To make No. 1 and pass Paris Hilton and YouTube and Pam Anderson and Britney Spears is absolutely phenomenal, especially when it's a politician," said Kathy O'Reilly, spokeswoman for Lycos. "That never, ever happens."

    You know what also never, ever happens? Selecting a vice presidential candidate who got only 30,697 more people to vote for her for governor (114,697) than your opponent got to attend a campaign rally (84,000). Or one who threatens Russia with war in her first public interview.

    But fair is fair. Sarah Palin beat out Paris Hilton on the Lycos charts and anyone who doesn't praise her for this is a sexist.

    Wonder how well she did on The Google?

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