• Traveling Press Corps Annoyed That Reporting Isn't Part of the Job

    Several news sources report that journalists traveling with the Obama and McCain campaigns are
    cordoned off from the candidates, so removed from the day's events that they learn the real news from their
    BlackBerrys and iPhones.

    In fact, they're learning about this complaint from this blog right now…

    "On Air Obama, reporters gawk at him moving around up front, talking with aides or on a cell phone, but can only guess what he is saying or thinking."

    It's hard to see what they're complaining about. They can see Barack Obama? They're on the same plane as Barack? I would trade a kid for that. Or maybe a kidney.

    What was he wearing? They could report about that. Did he look bored on the phone? Did he make a mock choking motion with his hands around his neck while the other person was talking? Did he look like he might have been thinking of me?

    On McCain's plane, the curtains separating the press from the candidate are kept closed — possibly because the campaign doesn't want reporters to see McCain not understanding how to operate his cell phone.

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