• With Enemies Like The Baroness, Who Needs Friends?

    You'll recall that last week, Lynn Forester de Rothschild derailed Barack Obama's push for the "wealthy London baroness" vote by endorsing John McCain, despite being a "Hillraiser" in the primaries.

    Well McCain might want to trade the baroness's endorsement to Obama for his Toby Keith one. It seems that Lady de Rothschild likes referring to her fellow anti-Obama voters as rednecks

    De Rothschild didn't stop making news with her endorsement. Later in the week, the famously wealthy London socialite went on to call those working-class Americans who Obama insulted during the primary "rednecks."

    "Barack Obama went and called the people who have guns and cling to their religion bitter," de Rothschild told CNN's Campbell Brown. "The people out — who are the rednecks or whatever — are bitter."

    A clip from Brown's show suggests that rather than "guns and religion," the Lady de Rothschild brand of "redneck" is more fond of clinging to pearls and old-fangled aristocratic titles. And that's great news for Obama.

    In fact if the Baroness keeps popping up on TV, we can expect to a wave of "Rednecks For Obama" bumper stickers to make a sudden mass-emergence on pickups and stretch Bentleys across this nation.

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