• John McCain Bites the Hand That Feeds Him

    The last episode of 60 Minutes included a Scott Pelley interview with John McCain, focusing on the economy. McCain placed the blame squarely where everyone expected to: On the leader of his own political party.

    Oh wait, that's messed up…

    PELLEY: You place a great deal of responsibility on this current emergency on the administration.

    MCCAIN: Yes. Yes.

    PELLEY: This is the president of your party.

    MCCAIN: Yes, it is.

    PELLEY: Are you saying that the Bush administration has failed?

    MCCAIN: I say the Bush administration has failed.

    There you have it: John McCain is a maverick!

    You can ignore the irrelevant details about how he voted with Bush 90% of the time, about how he voted to deregulate Wall Street, about how he kept insisting that the economy is "fundamentally sound" until last week.

    Next, look for McCain to put the blame for the nation's faltering economy on the multi-term former chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee.

    Oh wait, that's him.

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