• Wanda Sykes on Feminism, Sarah Palin and Santa Claus

    Wanda Sykes is not the kind of person who needs a whole lot of prodding to express her opinions, as evidenced by this exchange (well, not really an "exchange" so much as a "rant") between her and Jay Leno…

    Here's my favorite little bit of her rant…

    "Jay, I'm a feminist. but I'm sorry, that woman's crazy. That's a crazy, scary lady right there. Gun-toting and, you know, shooting caribou. I mean, come on, Jay. You ask me what do I think about her? There's really nothing to think about. I mean, we don't know anything about her.

    "They don't let her talk. They say, 'Oh, she's meeting with the world leaders.' But there's no reporters. I'm like, is she meeting with the world leaders, or did you take her to the Epcot Center? Let her drink around the world? You know, because I've done that. Maybe I should be Secretary of State.

    "I have more — you know, the woman, she just got a passport last year. She has been to Mexico. Does this ring a bell, George W. Bush? Come on.

    "This was — she hasn't been anywhere. She was like, "I can see Russia from my backyard." What — what — what — while you were delivering letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole? I mean, are we stupid, you know?"

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