• Wall Street Journal Turns on the John McCain and the GOP

    It was bad enough that conservative columnist and major dweeb George Will wrote a scathing critique of John McCain on Tuesday. Now, the venerable Wall Street Journal, the conservative bastion of the national news media, has apparently turned on the Republican ticket.

    Despite a proud history of supporting the GOP, the Journal has a damning article in today's paper about McCain's efforts to intervene in the Wall Street bailout negotiations. After pointing out that the Senator only spent a few hours actually on Capitol Hill in his triumphant return to Washington, the paper was harsh…

    Sen. McCain has gambled on a risky course with the high-wire attempt to help broker an agreement before financial markets collapse. If he helps bring about a solution, he could appear as a leader who is ready to tackle the toughest problems. If the agreement collapses, or if he comes to be seen as a barrier to progress, the impact could be harsh if he is he blamed.Sen. Obama, by contrast, has mostly kept to the side.

    It appeared that what Sen. McCain cast as a bipartisan, above-politics move, had descended into raw politics. The White House meeting didn't end with a triumphant announcement, but with the parties pointing out blame.

    This comes on the heels of a Wall Street Journal Poll showing that a large plurality of Americans think Sarah Palin is unfit to be president.

    What's next? Is Cindy McCain going to endorse Obama?

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