• John McCain's Campaign Suspension Pays Big Dividends With This Morning's Bailout Bill

    Around 12:30 this morning, bleary-eyed lawmakers kicked aside the empty liters of Mountain Dew and stumbled out of their offices with a final version of the bailout plan, which will be put to a vote in the House later today.

    There's still a great deal of doubt surrounding the bill's potential impact on the economy, but one fact remains certain: if John McCain hadn't heroically suspended his campaign last week, there would be no plan at all. Ladies and gentlemen, John McCain, the man who sacrificed a full day of campaigning to fly to Washington and personally hand-write the details of the bailout!

    Republicans acknowledge that no McCain imprint appears to be on the final bailout package moving through Congress, and some of them were trying Sunday to put the best face on his role by casting him as a man of action.

    "By halting his campaign, he magnified just how important this bailout was to the nation, and showed that he would approach a crisis by locking everyone in a room and keeping them there until they had a solution," said Anthony V. Carbonetti, a Republican political adviser to former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York.

    Exactly. If John McCain hadn't halted his campaign, Americans never would have realized how important it is to prevent total collapse of our economic system. Certainly, no news outlet would have picked up a story like that.

    As for McCain's crisis-management style, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but John McCain was once locked in a room for five and a half years. And he didn't emerge from the Hanoi Hilton with anything fancy like a "solution," either.

    A response for every question he doesn't want to answer, yes, but no "solutions."

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